Hanuman Charitra

Hanumanji Maharaj

An ideal mother builds character of her child and nurtures him with virtues. Devi Anjani Mata nurtured her son with such virtues that today, his temple are everywhere in the country and have millions of devotees. Hanumanji’s character is the most famous and respectable character in Ramayan after Shri Ram. Hanumanji got blessings of many Gods and he could make a right confluence of his virtues, skills and Sanskara. Hanumanji was had elements of Rudravatar of Lord Shiva. He became immortal being a good servant, devotee and supporter of Lord Ram.

His life as a good servant, devotee and friend of Lord Ram has become a role model for others follow. With his unconditional support and service, he freed Lord Ram from worries.

Hanumanji is very famous as an obstacle remover and generous supporter amongst his worshipers and he has got very special place in Ramayan and in the heart of his worshiper. He is a good servant, ideal worshiper, best friend, an expert, holder of multi skills, a great warrier, best messenger, leader of monkeys, wise and diplomat.

Many Gods gave him various blessings and benedictions to him for his service, worship and bravery. Following are few blessings:

When a child Hanuman showed his bravery, Lord Surya blessed saying, “You will have 100th part of his shine and will become a master of Dharmashashtra”

Varundev blessed him saying, “You will enjoy the lifespan of 10 lakh years and you will never get affected by my grip and water”

Yamraja blessed him saying, “you will be always free from my punishment, will always remain healthy and become famous a the most powerful in the world”

Kuber Bhandari Dev gifted him his Gada and blessed him saying, “You will never feel restless in the war and my Gada will make you win in all the wars. Nobody can kill you.”

Lord Shiva admired him and blessed him saying, “You are my brain child and you are my part only. The weapons and powers I have given you; will always protect you and make you winner.”

Lord Vishwakarma gave his divine powers to him and said, “you will be famous as a great worrier and immortal in the world with the weapons created by me.”

Brahmaji said, “You will have long lifespan and will become great and win over all the Brahmand”

Lord Indra gave his necklace of lotus to the child Hanuman and said, “ as my Vajra broke you jaw bone, you will be famous as ‘Hanuman’ from today. My Vajra will not be able to kill you. Oh Hanuman, you will be worshiped as a terror for the enemy and best friend and generous giver amongst the friends and worshipers.”

Pawanputra Hanuman is considered as a part of Lord Shankar’s Rudravatar and apart from Lord Ram, Lankapati Ravan and Vibhishan were also impressed with Hanuman ji’s qualities.

No God or Devil is equal to Hanuman ji in 14 worlds and 3 universes. Indeed, Hanuman Ji’s character is the most famous and respectable character in Ramayan after Shri Ram.

In the episode of Ramayan, when Lord Ram becomes the king of Ayodhya after winning the battle of Lanka, he gifted precious gems and jewellery to Sugriv, Jambuvan, Angad, Lankapati Vibhishan and other monkeys and in the end Lord Ram took Hanuman ji in his lap and honored him with his own jewellery, what he was wearing. Then, Hanuman ji with his eyes filled with tears said, “Oh Lord, I do not expect all this but you warmth and blessings that I can remain a your worshiper always. That I do not get attached with anyone else except you and I get to listen to your glory till the world exists.” Listening to this, Lord Ram hugged him and blessed him saying, “Till the time, people will be knowing me, your name will also be remembered. From now on, my soul resides in yours.”